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Graham Burrough Charitable Trust

About the Trust

The Graham Burrough Trust was founded in 1998 by Graham’s widow, to remember him and in gratitude for the care he received. Resources that helped him were invested to make modest grants to support, usually local, mental health projects that would help to lighten the burden for both sufferers and carers.

Trust Objectives

  1. To relieve the suffering of those with mental illness and to provide practical relief in the way of enhanced staffing and improved facilities at psychiatric hospitals and psychiatric care centres;
  2. For the financial support for respite and/or long term care for families of patients suffering from psychiatric illness and disorders where those families are in financial need;
  3. To promote education into the causes of mental illness and to carry out for the public benefit, research into mental illness and to publish the results of such research, and
  4. To provide either scholarship, bursary or grant to a suitably qualified candidate chosen by the Trustees to investigate a specific subject in the field of mental health, such subject to be chosen by the Trustees

Care, Education, Homes, Research