Freedom from Fear for Long Lasting Mental Health

Mental health is a psychological state, in which an individual is able to perform his everyday activities without anxiety, fear, restlessness, discontentment, and irritation. He takes up life one day at a time and faces the challenges in life with a calm and composed mind. He is neither swayed away by success nor defeated by failures in life. He leads a balanced professional, personal, community, and family life. Many people fail to lead their lives on these lines due to psychological breakdowns and mental disorders. The most common disorder among them seems to be fear. What is it and how one can get freedom from it?

Fear Factors

Fear factors can be realistic or imaginary. Realistic fears are those which can become a reality in the present or future. For example, joblessness can create a fear for managing home finances, personal loans, family health, and other aspects of life. The individual gets into action and finds another job, before he loses his present job. Action is the solution to overcome realistic fear.

Unrealistic fear is about what may happen tomorrow if an individual loses what he has or unable to get what he desires. He may have a good job with a handsome salary. But still he is unable to overcome the unrealistic fear.  There are many such irrational fear factors.

The individual starts postponing the actions when faced with unrealistic fear.  He freezes on his tracks to a progressive and prosperous life. He gets into depression, anxiety, frustration and discontentment. The possibility of addiction is also very high.


Acceptance is the first step to freedom from fear. He has to make a list of fears that affect his everyday life. Some of them could be realistic, while most of them may be imaginary. Then he can list out the symptoms and probable causes. The list should be precise and clear. He may be able to realize the practical solutions to many of such fears. Now, the question is how to deal with those fears which he is unable to handle.


Psychotherapy is one of the possible remedies for overcoming fear factors. The psychologists can have extensive conversations with the patient to explore his past life. There could be instances when he was able to find solutions too many such problems while he was a kid, teen, or a youth.

The psychologist will use such incidents to suggest that he can overcome those problems now also. He can also suggest probable solutions to those problems which the patient has no solution. The therapy can last for a few days, weeks or months, depending on the present mental health condition of the patient.

Fear-Free Life

The psychologist finally breaks open the barriers in the patient’s subconscious mind about the fear factors in his life. The patient gets a clear picture of life as it is now. Continued counseling can restore the patient back to normal life.


Asking for help from a professional psychologist is not a sign of mental weakness. It is the courage to see life as it is and take corrective measures.