Sanity and serenity are the two key factors which can keep your mind in perfectly healthy condition. You can take positive decisions, stay away from depression, and keep your body agile and active. An unhealthy mental condition may lead to lethargy, poor eating habits, deteriorating physical fitness, and an overall health collapse. The probability of addiction is also stated to be very high when your mental health is not good.

Things to Keep Away


Try to keep your mind away from anger and resentments. You may get into conflict with your spouse, kids, friends, colleagues, and the bosses. You can take a break and move away from the place of conflict for a few minutes or hours. Think calmly about what happened and who could be responsible. Don’t try to analyze who is at fault. Apologize unconditionally and try to find a solution with the other person with whom you are in conflict.


It is a good practice to keep your stomach full at least to 3/4th. It can keep your anger within the manageable levels. It will also help you to take logically correct decisions at the right time. You don’t feel the impact of stress to a higher extent. You can control your emotions.


Don’t attach too much of importance to the external comments, criticisms, and negative talks by others. Of course, you have to take proactive action, if you have done any mistakes. Then you can dethatch yourself from the condition, situation, and the people who made those comments. You have to take the responsibility of keeping yourself happy and satisfied. It could be tough to practice, but not impossible to get.

Freedom from bondage starts with freedom from your ego.  You have to realize that you are only part of the team, no matter what your position in your organization is. Being a part of the whole can teach you humbleness and humility. Once you downplay your role and come down the steps, it is possible to keep your mind calm.


Confusion may start when your mind is in a state of fear. Assume you have four choices of making a better career. The first choice is to work in an MNC. The second is to work in a local company. The third choice is to start a business. The fourth choice is to work as a freelancer.  

Being aware of your strengths and limitations and help you to make a clear decision. In some situations, you may be able to take long-term benefiting decisions. In some other situations, it may not be possible. Then you can take the help of people with experience in the specific domain. You can always weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

The key aspect of Practice

Patience comes with practice. But you have to keep away from your ego and impatience. Being restful in the mind can help you to get better ideas. It is also a like a lubricant which enhances the speed of thinking and positive decision making.