Happiness comes to a person who tries to maintain a correct frame of mind most of the time. There are several attitudinal issues to being happy and there are issues pertaining to the state of the mind most of the time too. Discussed at this instance are the most notable of issues concerning happiness and the ways it can be used to bring on a better frame of mind.


When people exercise, they tend to release into the body certain chemicals that help relax and improve the mood of the person.  A healthy person, on the one hand, is always a happier person too most of the time. 

A good work out need not last an hour or so.  Just five to seven minutes of the bare minimum is what is required most of the time.  Exercise is a mood elevator and a mood enhancer as well. 


Sleep is an inseparable part of the human body and few people realize this fact. Most people do not see sleep as a necessity and fewer still consider quality sleep either as needed for the healthy functioning of the body.  A person who sleeps more would be less perceptible to the negative reactions of thoughts most of the time. But there are limits to the improvements that sleep brings the user and it has been established that there are saturation levels most of the time.

Family and friends time: Going to work and spending time working is important.  Still more important is the need to spend time with family and friends. It is companionships that produce a happy individual most of the time. People that have many friends and tends to spend time among them are happier than those who lead a lonely life out all alone.

Hit the outdoors: Spending time in the outdoors can have a strong relation to how people feel about themselves. Going out improves positive thinking and the mood of the person.  More than the fresh air, it is the act of having the sunshine on the body that brings out the positive side of things.

Help others: There is a saying that goes, what goes around comes around. That is by helping others people are indeed helping themselves most of the time.  More than just the vibes, the act of helping improves the mood of the doer and projects a good image of oneself at most times. People that have made it a point to help others tend to be much happier and also much content with their own situation.

Take a vacation: All work and no play is not something that most people would want to commit to at any time. Taking a vacation helps focus the mind and bring the positive side of life close to the person. A well-planned vacation is a space to be oneself most of the time.  Holidays should be welcomed by most people and even the most alcoholic ones need to have their breaks at most times.