The environment in which you live and work can have a major impact on your mental health. The impact starts with your home. Polluted air, water, sound, and other elements can deteriorate your health and drive you to depression. Your workspace environment can have a higher impact than your home. If you are constantly in conflict with your bosses, colleagues, customers, and others, it can lead to anxiety, irritation, discontentment, and restlessness. The other major factors could be a traffic jam, exposure to UV and air pollution. How on earth can you keep away from these elements?

Changeable Factors

You can’t change the situation, people, conditions, and other external factors. However, you can change your reaction to the external factors. Let us consider them one after the other. We shall begin with your home.

Clean up Space

You can clean your home and the appliances regularly. For example, consider the furnace, air conditioner, refrigerator, and furniture. One weekend cleaning can fix the pollution problems.

Avoid Conflicts

There is no family in the world which has no conflicts. You can avoid extending the conflict by not arguing with your spouse. Though the mistake is not yours’ it is better to forgive and forget. It is not easy, because your pride and ego may prevent you from saying sorry. If you feel like reacting, just take a break and go out of the conflict space. You can come back once your spouse calms down.

Take Time for Yourself

 Solitude is being in a state of bliss while you are alone. You may sit in your garden, on a hilltop, near a river or any other space where you and nature are the two companions. See how big the mountains and the sky seem to be. You look so tiny that your problems in life may seem trivial. Now, analyze your life so far and the problems you faced.

Do you remember how happy you were in the childhood days? Even a small thing like an ant made you curious. You loved the garden, butterflies, flowers, and greenery around you. Life seemed to be wonderful.

How are you looking at life now? Does it seem like a burden you have to carry on your head or back? Does it feel comfortable? Does it feel repetitive and boring? Does it feel exciting? Does it seem adventurous?  Are there any other feelings about life? Stop for a moment and think over again. What you feel right now can have a huge impact on your mental health for today and the future.

Unchangeable Factors

You can’t change people and their attitudes. So, you better say let go and let god. Don’t carry others’ opinions on your mind forever. They don’t matter to you. Your spouse may think you are not so intelligent. It doesn’t matter. Your colleagues may gossip about you. It isn’t a problem.


Try to avoid people who may irritate you. Try to avoid arguments with people when it is not required. Keep your clam and your mental health will be fine.