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Graham Burrough Charitable Trust

mental health projects

The Graham Burrough Charitable Trust
Statement from the Trustees

Over the past 18 years since it was set up, the Graham Burrough Charitable Trust has helped and supported over 100 charities and organisations assisting people who live with problems relating to their mental health.

The Trustees have decided to close the charity and have agreed therefore to take no further applications for grants.

The Trustees would like to thank all past and present recipients of grants for their enthusiasm and interest and the feedback they gave.

The Trustees will, as part of the winding up of the Charity, donate the funds held to a limited number of projects with which they are already familiar. This is an opportunity to make a substantial impact on the development of projects directed to help people with mental health difficulties.

They hope in this way to ensure a lasting legacy in memory of Graham Burrough.

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