mental health funding

Projects Supported

Eating Matters

This charity provides front-line and on-going therapeutic support to children, young people and adults with mild to moderate eating disorders. Their aim is to intervene early and avoid an eating disorder becoming entrenched, thereby causing serious impact on a child or young person whose future education, social integration and health and wellbeing could be affected.

They also provide support for adults with eating disorders aiming to help avoid relapses.

Derbyshire Federation of Mental Health

This organisation supports people living with or recovering from mental ill-health.

Their objective is to promote independence and to support clients to take responsibility for finding their own solutions to their difficulties. Many of their clients feel isolated and because of the stigma attached to mental health problems, lack self-confidence in every day social situations which others take for granted. The group provides non-threatening opportunities for clients to socialize and increase their self-esteem and the opportunity of living a fulfilling life.


This Christian based project provides community based services for all age groups in Sheringham, North Norfolk.

They have been providing community based facilities since 2002. They provide an extensive range of clubs, activities and school based work programmes.

YESU is working towards running a befriending group providing a family type atmosphere of love and support to people who often feel marginalized and excluded and are lonely or isolated as well as those vulnerable individuals suffering with mental health issues. The group aims to empower individuals by encouraging social and life skills, providing advice and support, increasing confidence and implementing positive changes to help people regain their self-confidence.

Tyneside Women’s Health

Set up in 1985, the group provides mental health support to women in a women-only environment. Their vision is that all women in Tyneside flourish by having access to the right mental health and wellbeing support at the right time and place.

Interventions are provided wholly to support women to improve their mental health, whether this is a diagnosed condition or due to self-recognised low mood as a result of difficulties such as a bereavement or abuse.

The group provides a wide range of interventions to help women improve their mental health and emotional wellbeing.

York Mind

This is an independent local mental health charity in York with over 84 years’ experience in helping people with mental illness. The group offers various services such as befriending, counselling, advocacy and young person’s mentoring.

They help over 900 people every year as they recover from a variety of mental health problems – supporting their recovery from mental ill health to help them achieve outcomes that will progress them towards social inclusion and integration in mainstream activities such as learning, volunteering or employment.

Edinburgh Headway Project

This independent charity has provided information, support and services to people with brain injuries, their families and carers for the last 30 years.

They are the only organisation of their kind in Edinburgh. They work closely with health and Social Services to identify individuals and families who need the groups support to help reduce their social isolation and encourage re-integration back into society. It is found that following brain injury, people suffer from isolation and depression.

Men Get Eating Disorders Too

This organisation aims to provide men with eating disorders, their carers and family members, a platform to get their voices and experiences heard. This is done through campaigning, raising awareness, training professionals and supporting those affected by eating disorders by offering peer support.

The goal is to ease the isolation and secrecy male sufferers and their carers experience so they don’t feel like “the only one”. By breaking down the stigma, more males are able to recognise their symptoms and seek help.

Norfolk Carers Trust

This charity has been providing specialist support to unpaid carers in the Norfolk area for the last 20 years. Their services are intentionally designed to support carers at various stages in their lives. They currently support young people (aged 6-16), young adults (16-24) and adults.

Mothers for Mothers

This independent charity based in Bristol, supports women and their families who are suffering from post-natal illness or depression during and after pregnancy.

Post-natal illness/postpartum psychosis affects one in ten mothers and it is vital medical help is sought as some mothers may become suicidal and in extreme cases, be a risk to their child.

The group currently supports over 70 women with post-natal illness and has supported over 3000 women since the group began.

Dorset Mind

Dorset Mind runs a number of groups and services mainly in the Bournemouth area, but also further afield in Dorset such as Weymouth and Verwood to name but a few.

The ambition of the group is to offer more services in more locations across Dorset and to reach more people. They currently run facilitated support groups to manage anxiety and depression, a women only group, a wellbeing group, an activities group and a group for LGB&T people. They offer 1:1 support in the shape of an accredited befriending service.

Dorset Action on Abuse

The aim of the group is to relieve the suffering and distress of both men and women over the age of 16 and living in Dorset, who are survivors of child abuse (sexual, physical, emotional and neglect). Many have serious mental health problems in their adult lives where they were either not able to tell anyone about the abuse they suffered or if they did, they weren’t believed.

The group are experiencing a significant increase in referrals and although 50% are referred through various NHS organisations, the DAA is totally self-funding.

Somerford Arc

The Somerford Arc is the new community centre (using a former disused United Reform Church following the redevelopment of the site of the old community centre) which has become an important hub in the heart of Somerford, especially for those who are living in social isolation and/or with mental health. The popularity in the centre has proved its continued need in the community.

Amongst the many activities hosted at the Arc, they are looking to launch an on-line radio station which is produced and run by members of the community. The initial steering group had given an impressive range of program topics that they felt the station should cover and in particular, ideas for programmes surrounding issues relating to living with mental health and the stigma which is attached to it, to help members of the community understand and accept and in turn, make those who feel vulnerable, feel part of the community. Users will learn media skills such as program scheduling, producing and broadcasting and interview techniques which will help build confidence and self-esteem.

Birmingham Care

This charity provides a day/drop-in center for elderly and vulnerable adults experiencing mental ill health. The centre provides access to a wide range of activities to help improve the users health and wellbeing as well as working to integrate people back into the community and to avoid further isolation due to limited services available to them.

Training & Learning

This organisation delivers training on cooking skills, food safety and healthy eating to disadvantaged individuals and supports deprived communities to create their own local community food initiatives, sustainably promote healthy eating and develop food related projects that meet local needs (lunch clubs, food co-operatives). The group also provides work experience in catering for people with mental health issues, learning disabilities and traumatic brain injury.

Wellspring Family Centre

The aim of this project is to facilitate local community projects that address key social needs. They aim to support people in need by reaching those in the community who are experiencing social exclusion, isolation, ill-health, distress or hardship.

Amongst other projects, the group have helped people recovering from mental illness by building their confidence and life skills so that they can support themselves in independent living. They also provide quiet social activities mixed with one on one target support meetings as well as IT skills, arts and crafts and digital photography.


This group aims to reduce social stigma and challenge negative perspectives surrounding mental health via performance such as theatre, films and creative writing that focus on raising awareness.

Funding was required for the final phase of their “Don’t mention the gorilla” project. This was a culmination of their three year project with their community theatre company and would result in a theatre production focusing on the challenges and stigma that surrounds mental health.

Barnet Voice

The object of this group is to improve mental health services by increasing the voice of its users with in the London Borough of Barnet and to offer support. This is done through consultation with people using the mental health services within Barnet (whether statutory or voluntary) representing views on professional planning and development groups and the provision of training for both professionals and service users.

Support is carried out through a support group, self-supporting creative writing groups, the Space 2B (drop-in centre), through contact with their peers, over the phone and at forum meetings. They also produce a quarterly newsletter giving both local and national information.

PKAVS (Perth & Kinross Association of Voluntary Services)

This is one of the longest standing charities in the Perth & Kinross area and claims to have improved the lives of over 5,000 local people each year.

The group provides support to unpaid Carers, adults recovering from mental illness and minority communities. It is a community based service and has developed relationships with local communities and strong partnerships with other agencies for client referrals and support for over 20 years.

The group current helps adults suffering with such illnesses as depression, severe stress, anxiety disorders or schizophrenia and helping them on the road to recovery, offering support through group activities and one-to-one time, qualifications and training.

Somerset Counselling Centre

This group provides affordable therapeutic counselling to the local community in Somerset. They run an accredited BACP counselling service for adults, younger people and couples. They also provide counselling training, CPD programmes and research to promote counselling.


This group works in the area of inner West Leeds where data shows that 70% of communities face disadvantage. The group supports vulnerable children, young people and families through play and family services/youth work, provide counselling and psychotherapy services and also runs a community drug treatment organisation.

The group interacts with around 1,000 people a week and has a 14 year track record in delivering an effective service through its counselling/psychotherapy.

The group was looking to expand to provide a new crisis support service for people ages 12 and over in West Leeds.


Established in 2004, this group was set up to reduce the risk of people re-offending with the use of training volunteers from the community to mentor and support those who ask for help whilst in prison and are returning to the Dorset, South Somerset, Hampshire area, many of whom have no homes or accommodation to return to. This can lead to suicidal feelings or feelings that they are unable to change through lack of support and in desperation, return to their old ways.

Working with the Probate Service the group help both men and women who are most likely to have a history of regular periods spent in prison, have suffered abuse both mentally and physically, substance misuse issues or mental health needs which may or may not have been diagnosed.

Maya Centre

This centre offers specialist counselling services run by women for women and offers long-term psychodynamic counselling for some of the most vulnerable and marginalized women in the community – women who have experienced severe trauma through domestic violence, sexual assault, abuse or neglect in childhood, or war and conflict overseas.

Root and Branch

This organisation promotes the mental and emotional wellbeing of persons who are affected by a range of health problems including mental health and physical disabilities by the provision of therapeutic, horticulture and craft activities.

Blyth Star

Established in 1987 by a group of parents/carers, the group supports individuals who experience mental ill health to live in their local community by providing a range of services which help with independent living. They current support some 370 service users across the organisation.

Their latest project is the implementation of specific training programmes and qualifications for people who experience mental ill health to introduce them to gardening and horticulture by helping them to learn about the principles of gardening and growing vegetables, putting those skills to use and improving both their mental health and wellbeing and possibly even progressing to undertake a NOCN or NVQ qualification.

Community Health & Therapy

Created in 1994, the aim of the group is to provide psychotherapy and rehabilitation in therapeutic communities with the aim of promoting recovery from severe and enduring mental ill health. Users of the group are some of the most disadvantaged and socially excluded people in society.

Tusentack Theatre

This organisation was set up by Marc Geoffrey Whalley as a way of saying “thank you” to those people he had met and worked with and in particular those who access mental health services in the Bristol and wider south west region whose creativity and playfulness are a source of constant inspiration.

The group gives people the opportunity of working with a professional theatre company in a professional environment and alongside professional actors, earning an income as well as aiding their recovery.

Funds were required to meet the costs of venue hire and weekly workshops resulting in the staging of the pantomime story of Cinderella but being told in a completely different way.

St Andrew’s Community Network

This group provides a range of practical services to support local families and vulnerable people with the hope to transform the community. To deliver this vision, the group meet and support people who find themselves in crisis. The goal however, is to go beyond crises and work towards long-term stability and fulfilment. The group uses a holistic approach and encourages discussion of all parts of their client’s lives and the issues they are facing. They support users by directing them to other services which could help them.

Open Door

Open Door’s aim is to make a difference in the local area by offering an environment that provides services that cater for homeless people with mental health needs, ex-offenders, individuals with drug or alcohol issues, disaffected young people, the elderly, people with learning difficulties, people who are physically disabled, lone parents and individuals and families facing financial crisis. They provide key services which inform, equip and empower those that are disadvantaged with information, advice, support and life skills enabling them to make informed positive choices that can change their lives for the better and impact their community.

The Shine Project

This group provides a wellbeing course for teenage girls in the Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch area of Dorset. The courses seek to build self-esteem and confidence in girls with the aim of providing them with the tools to deal with the pressures of modern society today. In particular they deal with issues surrounding teenage mental health issues such as eating disorders, cyberbullying and relationships.

The group currently runs courses for 25 schools and charities. 185 girls benefitted from attending Shine courses during 2014 alone.


The object of the group is to promote wellbeing amongst individuals with mental health disorders. Funding was required for kitchen equipment to be purchased following a move of premises to help the group run a fully functioning kitchen providing discounted meals to its members.

Off the Record

This organisation provides free mental health support to young people in the Bristol and South Gloucestershire area. They run six programmes in total including:-

Direct mental health support – providing a team of counsellors, social workers, psychologists, art therapists and support workers to deliver a wide range of one-to-one group based mental health support for 11-25 years (available 9am – 8pm, 6 days a week)

Psychological education and self-help - A project called “The Resilience Lab” teaches young people how to manage stress and develop healthy coping strategies.

Specialist Youth Work – Developing two projects to support engagement and access to services through specialist support groups and groups who experience discrimination.

Social Action – “The Mentality Project” is an award winning youth leadership workshop aimed at combating negative stigma around mental health

Training – Providing training and consultation to professionals and parents on young people’s mental health and wellbeing.

Autumn Stone

This is a community group formed and run by peers with life experience of mental ill health. Through shared experiences, they offer informal support and friendship to others who have experienced the difficult and sometime deviating effects of mental illness. It offers a safe and supportive space of hope and potential.

The As You Are Centre

The group delivers counselling and group work services to address factors causing and amplifying mental ill-health. The services have been developed in collaboration with people who are using the services. The group is accessible to all in the community and are proud of their success in increasing the number of men who use the service.

The group are launching a new innovative project which has been designed in consultation to address the needs of people with mental ill-health called “Focus of Change” which will be provided for adults experiencing mental ill-health across East and West Sussex. The project will use an innovative way to use motivational interviewing techniques to build and develop motivation, strengthen commitment to change while using the cycle of change to mark the process of recovery and log behaviors that build and maintain resilience.

Crisis in Care

The group provides a range of activities for members (60 as at August 2015) suffering from mental ill health. They employ a Registered Mental Health Nurse who facilitates the activities using a Recovery Model and were looking to expand with a further part-time facilitator and administration support. This will enable the project to be open 5 days a week, widen the range of activities they provide and attract more members and move towards being a more user led organisation. The aim is also to set up a Carers group.

Mind Mosaic

This is a social enterprise company offering counselling and therapy services in Inverclyde. The company was established in 2013 by highly trained and committed professional therapists who recognised a huge gap in the provision of therapeutic services in the area.

The area suffers from high levels of alcohol and drug misuse and saw that alcohol and drug related psychiatric admissions were 120% higher than the Scottish average.

As well as counselling and therapy sessions, the group plans to expand and develop interventions and also offer psycho-educational and therapeutic groups. Groups will be delivered to specific client groups and will be sorted dependent on age or issue.

Sutton Mental Health Foundation

This charity runs a drop in club that offers activities, a coffee shop, hearing voices groups, advice, peer support & recovery for people suffering with mental health problems. They were seeking assistance with their ‘hearing voices groups’, which are four self help groups for people who hear voices.


Harmless is a charity that runs a face to face service for people that self harm via direct access, drop in services, and some sessions of one to one advocacy and support. They asked for our support to help fund their counselling, and an email support service for use by the individuals they work with.

Chard International Peer Support Group

This is a support group for anyone who is suffering from, or recovering from mental illness. Their aim is to inter-react on a regular basis to help each other become useful members of the community. They have a group of members who attend The Magdalen Project, a local environmental education charity working on a farm, providing self sufficiency in vegetable growing, animal therapy, wildlife conservation and practical skills.

St Benedict’s Parochial Church Council

Opens its doors in hospitality to minister to the spiritual and physical needs of the community. They are now providing a free Christmas Day lunch and a tea on St Georges Day for the elderly, families, travellers, teenagers, those living alone and those who find themselves displaced.

Sea Sanctuary

This Cornwall organisation provides support for children, young people and adults suffering from mental ill health through education and training onboard a fully restored classic wooden yacht.

Community Links Training

Community Links is a mental health service provider based in Leeds. As part of that organisation Community Links Training offers mental health training to individuals and organisations, with a range of over 30 courses, including mental health first aid training.

Richmond Fellowship

Is a specialist provider of mental health services. For over 50 years they have pioneered and practised their belief in social inclusion and recovery. They have asked for our support to help fund a new project ‘The Wellbeing Project’ that provides courses in yoga, shiatsu, nutrition, performance poetry, creative writing, tai chi, art and acupuncture.

Our Celebration

Our Celebration is a Counselling Service for people experiencing severe and enduring mental ill-health. They provide two counselling services one for carers of people suffering with mental health, and a general service for sufferers of mental health.

Sodit (Survivors Of Depression in Transition)

Sodit is a self help group run by women for women who have experience of depression and related mental health illnesses. The group offers women a change to meet other women who share similar issues. They offer support and understanding, explore different ways of coping, offer a safe place to be, help with confidence, provide relevant information, and find practical help, and most importantly have a laugh.

Care in Mind

This charity is based in Newham and works with mental health sufferers to identify and overcome barriers to employment, to promote independence and community integration. They also aim to create opportunities for client’s to develop their skills and use them on behalf of Care in Mind, by becoming skilled volunteers and facilitators.

The Soteria Network

Soteria promotes the development of drug free, minimum medication therapeutic environments for people experiencing psychosis or extreme states. They are part of an international movement of service users, survivors, carers and professionals fighting for a more humane, non-coercive service. They are seeking assistance with funding for their local groups in Bradford and Brighton to enable them to develop their work so that they can move closer to their goal of opening a Soteria House.

4 Support Groups run by carers for carers:

Cheltenham & Tewkesbury, Cirencester, Gloucester, and Stroud & Cirencester Care Support Group.

These groups provide carers with respite, they help them to realise that they are not alone, give them somewhere to ‘let off steam’, assist them in making new friends, gain information, develop coping strategies enabling the carer to continue looking after the person who is ill, and to help them become more confident and look to the future.

Cherry Tree Nursery

A commercial shrub nursery, based in Bournemouth, was set up to address the great need for meaningful occupation, in a supportive and pressure-free environment, for adults with severe and enduring mental illness.


Shelter is a charity that works to alleviate the distress caused by homelessness and bad housing. They equip their front-line staff with the skills, understanding and sensitivity to work confidently and professionally with people with mental health issues and work closely with local outreach projects to identify rough sleepers who may have priority need. The Graham Burrough Charitable Trust have supported specific ‘Shelter’ projects in Hackney and Dorset.

Moray Anchor Projects

This is a mental health charity who run two projects in the Moray area of Scotland.

They were seeking assistance with funding for their “Step Forward” project which is a structured woodwork and training facility where people with mental health issues can regain structure and purpose to their day whilst gaining a sense of achievement as well as social interaction and regular care support.

Samanya Theatre Company

This theatre company presents educational workshops in schools using theatre, art and film to explore the causes of mental health issues and promote positive emotional wellbeing ie, presenting a workshop which examines and breaks down the stigma and misconceptions attached to mental health issues.

Lothian Centre for Inclusive Living (LCiL)

This organisation supports adults with mental illness using key care services such as “Your Call” which is a free Scotland wide telephone counselling service staffed by professionally qualified disabled people. 96% of clients have reported that since they accessed Your Call, their mental health and wellbeing was improved.

Grimsby, Cleethorpes & District ‘Mind’

This branch of Mind offer a Two Day Centre Group, Drop In Facility, Allotment Project, Men’s Group, Women’s Group, Information, Support & Sign posting, Counselling Services and Photography group as well as 2 Alcoholic Anonymous Groups, Alcohol Support, Narcotics Anonymous, two Social Groups, a self awareness group and Gamblers Annonymous. They are also a Hate Crimes Report Centre for Humberside Police.

Three Estates Residents Association

This organisation is made up of a group of adults with mental health issues who live in supported accommodation provided by Devon & Cornwall Housing Association. The aim is to organise activities and events that will help its members improve their social, educational and cultural life.

Tandem Befriending Project

Tandem provides one to one befriending partnerships between people with mental health and volunteers. They have a waiting list for partnerships and they offer a weekly social group for those waiting.

Home-Start North East Worcestershire

Home-Start offers support to families who have at least one child under the age of five or are expecting a new baby. They support parents in situations as diverse as isolation, bereavement, debt, effects from the current recession, housing issues, domestic abuse, depression, alcohol and substance abuse, multiple birth, illness, disability or just finding parenting a struggle.

Action Space Mobile

This is an organisation that provides arts activities for adults and children with learning disabilities, adults with mental health issues in recovery stage, children with complex needs, people at risk of mental problems referred by GP’s, addicts of both drugs and alcohol and the elderly with dementia

Holten Lee

This charity aims to increase the wellbeing of disabled adults and people with mental health problems through volunteering opportunities, training and horticulture therapy, focusing on access to the environment

Bluebell Nurses

Bluebell provides specialist community support for mothers and families affected by maternal depression and are developing unique services for them including, nursing care, befriending, peer support & therapeutic groups

New Dimensions

The aim of this organisation is to support and improve the quality of life for those with severe and complex mental health problems i.e., schizophrenia in the Swindon and Wilts area. New Dimensions provide skills courses, which helps to identify and address individual symptoms, delusions and hallucinations.


The aim is to reduce the stigma of suicide by promoting good mental health, normalising mental illness and providing preventatives services.

Mind Your Music

This organisation aims to promote better mental health through the creation and performance of music. They run music workshops, do activities such as record CDs, put on gigs and run jam sessions.

Leeds Survivor Led Crisis Service

They were set up in 1999 by a group of service users who had campaigned for five years to develop the service. They are set up to be a place of sanctuary which is an alternative to hospital admission and statutory services for people in acute mental health crisis. The service continues to be run and managed by people with direct experience of mental health problems

Green Island Trust

Holidays for disabled & disadvantaged people in a beautiful setting on the shores of Poole Harbour.

Community Links

Community Links offers a range of scheduled courses related to mental health, management and personal development as well as bespoke training for organisations


This group provides advice, information and support services through their helplines with one to one consultations, support groups and self-management training programmes.

The groups aim is to help people who suffer with Bi-Polar to learn how to stabilise their condition.

The Fircroft Trust

The organisation provides a resource centre and residential care for adults with learning disabilities and severe to moderate mental health problems


This organisation supports people with eating disorders and their carers by providing mentoring, counselling, healthy eating advice, a walk-in drop in service and weekly recovering support groups.

Oakleaf Enterprise

This group is a local mental health charity supporting people in South West Surrey who suffer from mental ill health, providing vocational training to assist people in rebuilding their lives.

South Somerset Mind
The Vanessa Project

A project in its sixth year, the project was set up by the parents of Vanessa Boulter as a legacy to help adults suffering from mental distress.

In the last few years of her life Vanessa, a qualified psychiatric nurse, had been studying for a Diploma in Horticultural Therapy to enable her to help others experience the joys and rewards of gardening. The group offers weekly horticultural therapy sessions.

Tynepark Multi-Media

This organisation offers a user-lead drama project to mental health sufferers. The group offers “taster” drama sessions, script writing workshops and chances to contribute towards the production of a 45-50 minute sketch/play on various mental health themes including stigma and recovery.

The aim is to involve participants in creative expression, build their confidence and teach them new skills by using theatre whilst raising public awareness.

They offer either acting roles or users can be involved in other aspects of the theatre production.

Engaging Minds

This organisation offers holistic healthcare treatments, groups and short courses – offering a low cost “for all” service which offers the community low cost treatments in acupuncture, massage and homeopathy to assist a wide variety of symptoms including mental health conditions.

East Dorset Volunteer Support Agency

This organisation provides development, governance and funding advice alongside Volunteer brokerage to community groups and charities in East Devon.

They work to identify local needs and gaps in the service provision and to find innovative ways of both meeting the needs and developing new services to fill those gaps.

Crisis Centre Ministries

This group has being working in Bristol for 29 years, helping those who suffer from life disrupting problems such as homelessness, addiction and mental health issues. They run a food bank, a drop-in centre, ladies night shelter and courses in life skills.

The Grow Team CIC

The group offers a therapeutic horticultural service, primarily for adults with mental health problems, working in small groups through the week on a collection of allotment sites in Bridport, growing and harvesting a variety of fruit, vegetables and flowers – seeking to create a safe environment that promotes healing and recovery through collective participation, communication and support.

Art & Soul

This is a friendship group offering a drop-in centre with peer to peer support, staff and supervision for people suffering with mental health issues, including family members of people who suffer with mental health issues and who are often forgotten about. They have a fully stocked art room and people can come and go as they please, either seeking to have some alone time or join in with activities or chat with members of staff.

The Retreat

The Retreat set up a project called “The York Get Growing Project” which with involving a small number of residents at The Retreat, produced an encouraging first harvest – the users then reaped the benefits of their work by taking part in cooking activities using the produce grown.

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