Retaining Good Mental Posture

A lot of time and effort has been expended in studying the physical conditioning of a person.  But even today, it is hard to come across a holistic approach to mental health and it is the few steps that have been taken to address the situation that more or less defines the study of the mental state of the person. 

Remain anger-free

Anger is something that disturbs a person’s constituency like no other emotion. It is a factor by which someone else has a great control over the individual most of the time. The funny thing is that despite the rather strong feelings that the person harbors, there is little that can be done against the subject of the anger.

Rather than advice not to get angry, it would be better to channelize the anger in a proper fashion.  This could more often than not mean deflecting the anger against a person to more productive uses.

Hunger on the body

People tend to be glutinous when hungry devouring much more than what they logically deserve for their upkeep.  Ideally when hungry, food must be taken in so that the hunger is fulfilled to a three quarter full. The remaining hunger can be used to control the emotions and help better mind control techniques.

Part of de-stressing a person is to have complete control over the emotions. By exercising restraint in the manner people eat, it is possible to manage the emotional side of things and help better control the bodily and mental functioning.

Being free

True freedom comes with the need to remain aloof and without bondage to any other material things. The material things can be money, expensive clothes and the likes. Indulgence comes after a due course in abstinence and can be used to good effect too.  When the various religions take to things like fasting to commemorate important parts of their faiths, it is this abstinence that is being exercised and once the diet is returned back to normal, then the person is in a better frame of mind to function normally.

Some of the strongest links in life have been manmade, like the watch to tell the time, the need to conform to social norms and niceties and the likes. If a person can take a break from these strong bonds then it would be the start of something free and wanton.

Handling confusion

Even the strongest of people have their confusing times and what brings out the balance in such lives is their interaction between others who have been of use to them in the past. Friends circles are a place to relieve pressures and tensions worked up in life and it speaks volumes for the individual to know when to approach one such individual friend and when not to. 


It is not enough that people are aware of the issues that crop up in life.  More importantly, it is necessary to have a balance which comes with putting to practice some of the points that have been discussed in the above.